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Virago Zine

The Virago Zine was a great experiment and my first contact with tools and editorial processes. The proposal was to produce an experimental zine talking about female graphic designers, more specifically typographers and illustrators in this first edition, from the city of São Paulo. I was responsible for diagram the complete layout of the zine, the project report and everything that involved editorial software, in addition to basically coordinating the work group.

The choice of the theme was boosted thanks to the low number of women's projects in the list of projects selected for the catalog of the 13th Graphic Design Brazilian Biennial by ADG Brasil. We wanted to graphically problematize the yet absurdly misogynistic data of Brazilian design, and show that there are several wonderful women doing a great job in our area, and that they deserve much more recognition than they already receive.

As part of the zine's graphic concept, we relate the Glass Ceiling concept and the figure of the carnivorous plants with the presence and work of the chosen women for the first edition. We interviewed four women from Typography and four others in the Illustration area, and we made compositions with their photos, their works, mixing with our autoral illustrations of the various types of carnivorous plants and some specific excerpts from the interviews for set up the zine pages.

Intermingling with the women's presentation, we used translucent-paper pages to graphically explore the data collected by our theoretical research regarding female participation at events and biennials in the areas explored.

As part of the mandatory items of the project, all the information from the theoretical, iconographic and field research, as well as the complete descriptive memorial of the zine, bibliography and interviews were edited in the project report.

Interdisciplinary Editorial Project, second semester of Graphic Design with Emphasis on Typography, Anhembi Morumbi University, São Paulo, 2019.

Instructor: Prof. Me. Ricardo Balija
Students team: Ana Luiza Teixeira, Henrique Cinque, Jéssica Silva Oliveira, Larissa Braga e Nathália Soldivar.
Women portrayed in the zine, in order of apparition: Andrea Kulpas, Fabrícia Ribeiro, Fernanda Martins, Priscila Farias, Ana Novaes, Nico Leite, Giovanna Cianelli and Gabrielle Alves.
You can see the entire project here.

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