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Snacks Leros

The interdisciplinary project of the fourth semester of Graphic Design proposes to students the development of a packaging family for new products for an existing brand. To our project, we chose the Campo Largo brand, voted the most sustainable Brazillian food company, to receive our family of healthy snacks.

The idea of ​​the project was to develop three alternatives for the purchase of our sncaks (dehydrated fruit chips, with only three ingredients) that would suit the different consumption situations of our consuming public. For this purpose, in addition to the regular stand-up pouch and paper box packaging, a package was developed with special knives in the form of a snack bar, with a drawer-shaped cradle, coated with laminated cardboard.

In addition to the structural part, all elements of the new brand's visual identity were created to reflect the natural and vegan character of the product while exploring the appetite appeal.


Interdisciplinary academic non-profit project carried out as part of the fourth semester of the bachelor's degree in Graphic Design with Emphasis on Typography from Anhembi Morumbi University, during the second semester of 2020.

Instructor: Prof. Me. Alessantro Eloy Camara.
Students team: Ana Luiza Teixeira, Carla Ricciotti Barbosa, Jéssica da Silva Ferreira, Jéssica Silva Oliveira and Vitoria Dourado.
You can see the entire project here.

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