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Oficina Tipográfica Anhembi Morumbi

The Oficina Tipográfica Anhembi Morumbi is the main typographic production environment of the Anhembi Morumbi University. Located on the Morumbi campus, the letterpress studio, in addition to two printing presses and a wide range of movable type, offers a space with basic structure to graphic production to serve students in the university's Graphic Design course. After the change of buildings on the university campus, the letterpress studio was repositioned and renovated, and needed to be made available to Graphic Design professors and students.

The challenge of the project was to create a system of visual identity for the space that reflected not only what the letterpress studio is but also what can be done within its space, in addition to, of course, continue the rescue process to the graphic memory that their equipment and subsidies represent for the courses of university design.

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Therefore, the solution was to create a graphic project incorporating typography and letterpress elements that directly refer to the subsidies that the studio offers, from the design of the symbol (which is the main element of the new brand) to the choice of the institutional typography.

Academic project developed as part of the internship at Oficina Tipográfica Anhembi Morumbi, with guidance from Prof. Me. Érico Lebedenco.

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