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Guarita Serif

During Type West's Introduction to Modern Type Design course, students are guided to develop a beta display typeface from one of the numerous lettering exercises proposed to the students. As the students have their most probably first contact with type design, the only two restrictions for the project are that the typeface we choose to design must be display and upright, i.e. it cannot be oblique nor italic. Besides that, the student has complete freedom to develop their typeface as they want.

Guarita Serif is a display typeface, with high translation contrast, designed with the aim of trying to extrapolate the limits of the x-height and still manage to hurt with its sharp serifs in an elegant way. It's typeset covers the latin basics, inspired in  German serifs from around the turn of the 19th-20th century. Rough without being rude, loud without scream.


This typeface was developed during a scholarship term of the recurring Type West's Introduction to Modern Type Design course, in a class composed entirely by BIPOC students. In a privilege review period, Letterform Archive's Type West crew decided to promote an entirely free of costs term of the IMTD course to try to help the type comunity around the world to be more diverse and inclusive.

Typeface design by Jess Silva, mentored by Graham Bradley. Graphic design by Lia Wenzel.

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