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FindiFêra 2020.2

For the second semester of 2020 the approach was a little different. After another intense and tiring semester, also in remote format, me and two other colleagues developed the identity for the event thinking about the nostalgia of street fairs, very characteristic of São Paulo.

The illustrations, in addition to portraying different situations and perspectives of the street fairs, were also used to represent different moments of the event: one illustration for the lectures, other for the online exhibition of projects, and another for the closing event of the semester. All of those as more specific perspectives of the fair, while the main illustration shows the most common of the fair, an overview.

Every piece were developed for social media publicity, since the event would be completely online, as well as the fair's website (the main component of the project, where all the projects and the complete program of lectures and newsstands are gathered).

Academic project developed for the Graphic and Digital Design courses at Anhembi Morumbi University, with guidance from Prof. Me. Érico Lebedenco and Profª Drª Anamaria A. Rezende.

Team: Giulia Wenzel, Jéssica Silva and Fagali Garritano.
Illustrations by Fagali. The event’s website can be checked here.

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