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FindiFêra 2019.2

As an intern at the university's typographic workshop, one of my duties was to develop visual identity for events in the Graphic and Digital design course. FindiFêra is an event for undergrads of Graphic and Digital Design to show their work developed during the semester. In the second semester of 2019, the visual identity was developed using as the main object a photoshoot of a group of students for an exercise in Photography class, from the second semester of the Graphic Design, continuing the identity of the-first-semester-event of that year but also usign a work of the students themselves to represent a event which, after all, is theirs.

Academic project developed as part of the internship at Oficina Tipográfica Anhembi Morumbi, with guidance from Prof. Me. Érico Lebedenco.
Photography: Ana Luiza Teixeira, Jéssica Silva Oliveira, Nathália Soldivar, Henrique Cinque and Larissa Braga.

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