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Aula um+um

The Aula 1+1 is the opening event of every new semester of the Graphic and Digital Design courses at Anhembi Morumbi University. In the second half of 2020, I produced a visual identity proposal for the edition in question. Unfortunately, this option wasn't approved, but I was satisfied with the result.

This edition of the event had a special focus on typographic subjects: Ellen Lupton, one of the leading graphic design and typography researchers in the world, and Fabio Haag, one of the biggest Brazillian type designers with greater relevance and visibility in the national and international market of digital types, were two of the three guests at the event. Therefore, I developed an identity in which the main elements were formed by type, playing with the possibilities of two typographic families of Brazilian designers: Tenez, by Rodrigo Saiani (illustration and graphics), and Grotesca Reforma, typographic rescue by Cadu Carvalho (general information developed parts).


Social media pieces were developed to advertise open lectures, and the main poster for internal divulgation of the event at the university.


Academic project developed for the Graphic and Digital Design courses at Anhembi Morumbi University, with guidance from Prof. Me. Érico Lebedenco.

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